Quilting a monster

I have spent the past week quilting my monster quilt. It’s a king size I made in a class this winter. This quilt is giving me a hard time, as the sheer size of it makes it difficult to fit through the harp of my machine. As someone who never says never, I am saying never now: I will never make another bed sized quilt. No ifs, ands or buts. It is just too much work: construction of this quilt required 82 blocks! There are 42 snowball blocks, like these ones:


There are 30 star blocks, like this one:

Star block

Star block

There are 22 half stars and 4 quarter stars, like these ones:



So far, I have spent many hours on this quilt.

Cutting: 8 hours

Piecing the blocks: 63 hours

Constructing the quilt top: 5 hours

Pin basting the quilt: 3 hours

Quilting (as of today): 22 hours

It’s very time consuming, as you can see! So, I am sticking to small quilts from now on! My next one has 12 blocks.

I decided to take a break from it yesterday and put together a quick and easy top: the Colette Sorbetto. More on that here. Not much of a break, really!


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