Oh my stars!

I was watching Fry’s Planet Word last night (if it weren’t for TVO, I would have cancelled my cable ages ago. Hey, Rogers, can I just subscribe to this one channel? Please?), which was about swearing. As a result, I’ve been thinking about the monster quilt and the very blue language I’ve employed whilst quilting it. Hello, quilt name!

Meet Oh my stars!

Meet Oh my stars!

My language has been quite obscene during this project, so it only seemed fitting to name it after my Nan’s version of swearing. I am absolutely certain that when Nan said “Oh my stars!” she really wanted to say something with four letters, but was too polite. In honour of Nan, and in view of making obscene language more socially appropriate, I have found this quilt’s name!

I have also decided to find alternatives to swearing whilst quilting. For those four letter words beginning with F, I’m thinking Fiddlesticks (which our late PM Trudeau insisted he said during a particularly fractious Question Period) or Fiddle-dee-dee. How about Sugarpumpkin for that other four-letter word with SH? It has to be silly so that I can release tension. Swearing, apparently, is about releasing tension. To my mind, so is silliness. However, silliness proves a little more apt in polite company.


2 thoughts on “Oh my stars!

  1. Sometimes it helps, Auntie B! Thank you, but this one feels like the never-ending quilt. Of course, I have to work on it more consistently than I have been. There are just so many other fun things to work on!

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