I went to Buffalo on Thursday to pick up my first order from Fabric Mart. According to the tracking information, there were 22 pounds of fabric in the box! In all, those 22 pounds amounted to 25,5 yards of the wools, knits, silk, denim, poplin, faux suede and velveteen below. (Oops! I swear all of the fabric is there, although it cannot all be seen! The faux suede is hiding under the pink silk, which is also hiding the denim!)

My FabricMart order contained 22 pounds and 25,5 yards of fabric!

My FabricMart order contained 22 pounds and 25,5 yards of fabric!

I have so many projects planned, and one completed already! My goal is to complete another project this week-end and make some decisions about what I will make with each fabric. I changed my ideas on receiving certain fabrics. I was originally going to make a top with the velveteen, but it is actually rather heavy for a top. It is the houndstooth fabric in the foreground, and I’m thinking skirt! But, I only have one yard of it! The gridded knit in black and white is also a bit different than what I was expecting. It is a beautiful fabric that I was thinking of for a top or dress, but it’s a little thicker than I thought and could handle a more structured garment than I thought. I have a lot of thinking to do and garments to make! Don’t even ask how the quilting is going. I think I need another sewing machine so I can sew at one and quilt at the other. I hate changing over my machine all the time to fit in both tasks every day. I’m too distracted by garments to leave it set up for quilting for any length of time. I tried that for a week this summer and was so resentful of what I felt I had to do, as opposed to what I wanted to do. Now I do bits of each every day and am resentful of changing threads, needles and presser feet for each sewing task. Anyway, everything I want to get done is getting done, so I guess it works!


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