Last day of summer

Can it really be that school starts tomorrow? Is it really nineteen years until I can retire?

I’m as ready as I ever am for the first day of school (which is not very). I went in last week and set up my classroom. What a mess! I changed classrooms this year, so I spent more time getting rid of stuff than setting up! I got there in the end, and I’ll develop some enthusiasm between now and tomorrow morning at 7:30, when I have to greet all my little guys and gals. It will be good to have a routine again, but I will miss my long, lazy mornings!

My summer was not quite as productive as I had hoped. I completed eight garments and zero quilts, although I am halfway through the monster! I brought in 86,5 yards of garment fabric and sewed 21 yards of it into garments. I have several patterns traced, with a few muslined and ready to cut in fabric (10.5 yards are definitely spoken for!). I still have much to do! And, as of tomorrow, I will be an evening and week-end seamstress again. C’est la vie…


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