What next?

A long week-end has been and gone. I kept myself busy, with a trip to Buffalo (not MORE fabric?!?) and a project. Whenever I finish a project, I feel a little lost. I’m spoiled for choice for the next one. There are several that I could do, a few that I need to do and many more that I want to do, someday. On finishing one, they all call to me and I struggle to make the choice.

Here are three, ready for me. Cut, marked and ready to go.

Here are three, ready for me. Cut, marked and ready to go.

Two of the above projects are familiar: I’ve made them before and could get them completed relatively quickly. So, what am I waiting for?

It can't be thread.

It can’t be thread.

Familiarity breeds contempt. I am hungering after the new, the untried. I have that on the go as well, with the French jacket sew along. I have to cut my fashion fabric and lining this week, something I wanted to do today since I was off work. Although the new is alluring, it is also a little frightening. I have three cuts of fabric suitable for the jacket, and was wary of cutting into any of them today. And I do have all week, after all! Choosing between the known and the unknown fuels procrastination, something at which I have always excelled.



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