New Year, New Top!

I have been quite remiss in keeping up here. Everything falls, not apart, but behind. I did engage in some New Year’s goal setting. I have set myself the goal of four sewing projects per month, as most months have four weeks and many projects can be done bit by bit within a week. My first four were already cut and/or started: Style Arc Coco jacket, Style Arc Sammi pant, a second version of Angela Wolf 1123: The Ruched T and Jalie 2794: Haut avec décolleté en coeur (Sweetheart Top). Oh, the excitement! I set manageable tasks that I could actually complete in the given time, bestowing upon me fabulous garments!

Oh, the drama of the reality. Coco’s sleeves, carefully prepared (after carefully preparing, for 40 hours, the jacket), do not fit the armholes. The alteration I made to the sleeve was not, alas, made to the jacket body, so I must recut. Abandoned for now, until I have the time to decide how and where in the jacket body to make the alterations. Fortunately, I have plenty of the wool left for recutting the body. The heavenly silk lining? I will have to buy more, as only scraps remain.

Angela Wolf 1123: This was my second version; you can see the first here. I love this top, but I do not love this one. The fabric was sheer, so I underlined it with a tricot lining. It just did not work. The fabric had less stretch than the underlining, and was not a suitable choice for the garment. The ruching causes the sleeve seams to pull awkwardly, which makes it terribly uncomfortable. I am pleased with how I doubled the collar and made a more dramatic cowl. Not pleased enough to stop me from escorting this one across the street to the clothing collection bin.

I really dislike the way the stripe goes wonky across the bust.

I really dislike the way the stripe goes wonky across the bust.

Jalie 2794: success! I completed this top and adore it!

Love this top, love the fabric!

Love this top, love the fabric!

What a fun top and reasonably easy to make. There were a few fussy bits, but overall, quite straightforward. Jalie, I will work with you again! More on the process (and more photos!) here.

Style Arc Sammi pant is next on my list. I still have 10 days, after all…


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