Betrayed by linen

Linen is arguably the fabric I most enjoy working with. It sews and presses beautifully, it becomes incredibly soft after washing and it looks fabulous! The colours available are beautiful, as it takes dyes well. I did not love my Sage linen polka dot jacquard that I attempted to use for Butterick 6026, the blouse with pin tucks at the neck, waist and sleeves.

This is not well-behaved linen.

This is not well-behaved linen.

Not impressed with this linen. It was a very loose weave and did not behave, even when I got cross with it. It had no crispness and did not hold a sharp edge for the pin tucks, let alone the front band. Admittedly, the photo above was taken after I had already decided to abandon the project, but, even with careful pressing, this linen did not look much better than it does above. I think I would have had to interface the entire piece to get the crisp effect that I was after, and who wants interfacing against the skin? Not me. So, I trashed the fabric and started again with a cotton.

On a happier note, I realized that I have not presented Geography Boys, the quilt I made for my favourite nephews for Christmas.

Here is the quilt top.

Here is the quilt top.

My older nephew is obsessed with flags and national anthems. He sings the Chinese one on demand! When I first saw Jill McDonald’s What a world fabric line in a magazine, I coveted it. I did not find it anywhere until last summer when my Aunt Jan and I did a quilt shop hop in Niagara, and there it was, at Kindred Spirits in St Catharines! Well, they had the city and map panels, anyway.

The quilt back.

The quilt back.

I really tried to get a close up of the soccer ball in South America that I managed to loop around perfectly, without even trying. I free-motion quilted loops (my go to method for FMQ!) on the quilt top, and when I turned it over, I saw that I had gone around the soccer ball!

Quilt back with label.

Quilt back with label.

I love the city print. It is from the same fabric line, and I managed to track it down at Sew Sisters, here in Toronto. Most of the borders are fabrics I already had.

I decided to do a study in colour for this quilt. I bordered each city panel with its complementary colour (red with green, blue with orange, purple/light blue with yellow). It worked rather well!

Symmetry. It's always symmetry with me!

Symmetry. It’s always symmetry with me!

I spent a great deal of time laying out the colours so that they would be symmetrical. I’m kind of anal like that. I like symmetry and order. That is all.

Colour theory in action! This quilt, however, is not going to be busting any cultural stereotypes...

Colour theory in action! This quilt, however, is not going to be busting any cultural stereotypes…


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