All wrapped up

Lately, I have been doing a lot of wrapping with my garments. I have made three wrap dresses and a wrap skirt. I have a collection of wrap patterns that has grown since the summer began.

Here is a selection of patterns I've been using lately. I have yet to try the McCall's wrap skirt.

Here is a selection of patterns I’ve been using lately. I have yet to try the McCall’s wrap skirt.

What is it about wrap garments that is so appealing to me? I know that the appeal is not there for me in surplice garments, which I find incredibly difficult to fit and to wear. There is a sense of security in these garments that wrap around the body, I suppose. They also look good on every body type, creating shape and extending the lines of the body. Ties are fun to play with, and I always seem to need something in my hands to occupy them. Whatever it is, I am hooked on wraps!

Of the three dresses mentioned above, I only created two pages. The third does not merit its own page, since it was another version of the Kate dress. I decided to try for a plain front by using only the left front piece.

Kate take two. I used the left front pattern to make it a plain front.

Style Arc Kate take two. 

The plain front is, well, plain. The length is back to the original length on this one, which makes me happy. There is also the problem of this fabric. I bought it last summer, and it is a Maggy London ponte knit. Ponte would be a great choice for this dress, but not this particular ponte. This ponte is without lustre and soft, and it feels like I am wearing pyjamas. The issue is that it looks like I am wearing pyjamas as well. In hindsight, this fabric would be good as pyjamas or maybe as a blocked jacket. It was a terrible choice for a dress. Even so, it was a worthy experiment in that it showed me what a plain front would look like, and demonstrated the importance of pairing the right fabric with the right garment.


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