I think I can safely share a project mostly completed awhile ago. I completely completed it on Sunday and gave the gift today, so it is out of my hands now!

Since 2009, when my first nephew was born, my family has expanded. So has my fabric stash, both for quilts and garments. Then there was another nephew, and now three more male cousins. No girls, and quilting fabric tends to be oriented towards the female of the species. It has always been difficult to make quilts for all my boys (and the latest male cousin, born in May, will have to wait a little longer, I’m afraid. I have a cunning plan, in theory if not in any form of reality or practicality…). All of these delightful lads require lead time, fabric sourced from anywhere but here, and they usually get their due on their first birthdays.

Happily, my workplace seems replete with co-workers having girls and my girly fabric stash is diminishing with each announcement (when I plot and plan) and birth, when all is complete. So it was over the summer, when I sourced a delightful line of fabrics by Lewis and Irene called April Showers. (Click on the link to see the entire collection.) I used just five prints from the collection.

Lewis and Irene: April Showers

Lewis and Irene: April Showers 

I love these prints! Whimsical and sweet, and I kept things simple with a churn dash block.

Churn dash block

Churn dash block.

It is a simple block to construct and has such an interesting effect as it gets assembled with the others.

I like the corners between churn dash blocks!

I like the corners between churn dash blocks!

I am unsure if it is apparent, but every fabric in this quilt is directional, and provided an extra challenge in deciding how to use the directionality. The umbrella print is obvious: one does not wish for upside down dogs or people! The yellow is more difficult to discern because of the quilting, but it presented its own challenges. The balloons, however, caused much consternation! I ended up rotating them around the block. This involved the rectangles in the block. In the first photo above, of the single block, you can see that the balloons are upside down in the lower rectangle and that the ties of the balloons always face centre. In the triangles, the balloons are always floating downwards. This was planned from the cutting stage, and followed through in the sewing. There were some redos, because I am me and I mess up and get sweary.

How I currently feel about my Halloween costume.

How I currently feel about my Halloween costume. I got very sweary earlier.

However, Sans la pluie (the quilt) was mostly delightful: the fabric caused me to exclaim in glee throughout. It’s so cute and I am so pleased with the end result.

Sans la pluie

Sans la pluie

The back presented some problems, as I only had 1,5 metres of the backing. I came up with a solution.

I added a line of blocks to fill out the backing.

I added a line of blocks to fill out the backing.

This fabric was also directional, so the line of blocks had to be vertical in order to maintain the design. I prefer to offset a line of blocks as it looks more interesting. I think it looks great here!

The only fabric not from the collection is the binding. I had originally planned to use one of the fabrics, but miscalculated what I would require. I found the red in my stash, from a trip to Fabric Shack near Columbus, Ohio two years ago. It worked out well, I think! It gives a strong line to the edges and pulls together the main fabric, which is so city chic in black, white, grey and red!

Back to my Halloween costume tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll have more patience and a less blue vocabulary.


2 thoughts on “cherashares

  1. So enjoyed your info and pics Chera – what an interesting hobby and u are certainly an artist in that regard. You have made so many nice quilts and delighted so many with your gift sharing. You have also made some lovely clothes. Just sayin …..

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