Welcome to cherasews. I am Chera and I sew. My day job is teaching French Immersion to grade 2 students, which is mostly great, but, as with any job, it has its moments. In my spare time, I enjoy sewing garments and quilts. I love fabric: touching it, working with it, cutting it up and reconfiguring it into a garment or a quilt, even pressing it! I feel quite spoiled to live in Toronto, with its fabulous garment district, which I am continuing to discover. I also enjoy travel, although my trips for the last few years have been closer to home. I am known for planning trips around shopping opportunities, initially for outlets, but now for fabrics! For me, the process of sewing is as, if not more, important than the product. I started out diligently documenting the process of making my quilts, often neglecting to photograph the end result because I had to send it off for a birthday present. I am getting back into that practice as I construct garments and quilts, as I find it interesting to track my ideas and thoughts as I progress through a project. I hope that others find the process as rewarding as I do.


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