Colette Sorbetto

As a break from my monster quilt, I decided to tackle an easy sewing project. I had read reviews of the Colette Sorbetto top, a free pattern download and decided to try it out. I used some cotton I had hanging around from a wrap dress I decided to abandon.

The Sorbetto is a cute little top and was quite simple to put together. I had it cut and constructed within an hour. Then I had to bind the neckline and armholes. I made my own bias binding, using this tutorial. I kept coming up short. A 28 cm (11″) square just barely got around the neckline. How can I bind a king size quilt with an 81cm (32″) square and I cannot bind this top with two 28cm squares? It makes no sense! I kept running out of binding. The finishing instructions for the binding were not the best. I kept finishing too short and having to restitch the final line to make it match up. I should have finished the binding like I do on a quilt.

Binding detail on Sorbetto. I hate bias binding.

Binding detail on Sorbetto. I hate bias binding.

I finally just gave up. I had made three strips of bias binding and was sick of doing it. So, the top is unfinished.

Sorbetto top, mostly finished.

Sorbetto top, mostly finished.

There are major fit issues as well. I cut a straight size 6, a good match for my measurements. Circumferences are perfect. The main problem is the placement of the bust dart. It is way too high and too long. In this particular fabric, it really makes no difference, but this pattern would require major work before I would use a nice fashion fabric to make it. It is also really short.

I wanted to make a wearable muslin and it is wearable, but only if I finish binding the armholes. So, I left the frustration of quilting to encounter binding frustration on a simple top!



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