Style Arc Kate

I resisted this dress for the longest time. I have no idea why now! It is easy to make and very flattering.

Style Arc Kate

Style Arc Kate

Many other reviewers have lengthened the ties and I understand why. However, I like that they tie in the back. I bought a beautiful knit from Mood Fabrics in October 2013, which is what I used for this dress. I managed to squeeze it out of the two yards that I had.

Style Arc Kate

Style Arc Kate

It is a gorgeous fabric! It took careful placement of the pieces to get the gold part on the front. In hindsight, it is not my favourite part of the fabric and I kind of wish it was on the inner part of the wrap. I am still wavering on that one. It just works on the front, does it not? I know, I know, first world problems and all that.

Style Arc Kate back. I love this fabric!

Style Arc Kate back. I love this fabric!

But just look at the back! This was the fabric that I thought I had all over! Anyway, I am mostly pleased with how this dress turned out. It is not without issues, though.

1. I misread a marking for attaching one of the waist ties. It is fixable, but there is problem #2.

2. I had only two yards. Pattern calls for almost 3. The dress, as drafted, is quite long. I eliminated 15cm (6 inches) from the length to make it fit in the fabric I had. It was too much. The dress sits above my knee, which I dislike for several reasons. I was envisioning boots for this dress. A dress ending at this point makes high boots look silly. I tend not to wear dresses without tights of some kind, so I miss the whole summer dress thing. I hate shaving my knees! And my knees look like they have little happy faces on them! Furthermore, when I shave my legs, the crime scene clean up people have to come and clean my bathroom. Shaving is not one of my talents, and by the time I remember that I was supposed to let the hairs build up for waxing, it’s too hot and I’ve already shaved. Whatever my reasons, this dress is too short for me to feel comfortable in.

3. Due to the nature of the fabric, it requires a slip.

I love this pattern and have bought fabrics to make many more. In fact, I have one cut and ready to go right now! What I love about this pattern:

1. The neckline. Many wrap dresses have necklines that are both too low and too long for me. This one is perfect!

2. The ties fasten in the back. They are easily lengthened if I change my mind, but I like clothes fastening in the back (see Robin).

3. The shape is flattering to all, even rectangles like me!


2 thoughts on “Style Arc Kate

    • It is a great pattern. I am still working on making a less scandalous neckline on the Ultimate Wrap Dress, and, like you, I prefer the A-line skirt. The Style Arc Kate is my go-to wrap dress.

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