Vogue 8772 E

I made it again!

Vogue 8772 view C is the reddish one.

Vogue 8772 view E is the sleeveless one.

I bought a beautiful Liberty of London fabric at Downtown Fabrics, here in Toronto’s Fashion District right before getting a tooth extracted at the end of May. I decided to have a happy morning before I was toothless, and went for some fabric therapy.

Vogue 8772E

Vogue 8772E

I only had 1,25 m of the fabric, so I decided to go sleeveless. I also kept the shirttail hem, rather than the longer tunic depicted on the pattern. The tunic is very long and has little shaping on the side seam. I made the right choice because I was able to cut sleeves as well, just in case. I thought it might be too much with sleeves, but I wanted to have the option of adding them. It was also a good exercise in determining just how much fabric this blouse takes (definitely NOT the 2m that Vogue suggests!).

This is a Liberty of London fabric. Gorgeous!

This is a Liberty of London fabric. Gorgeous!

I fell in love with this fabric, despite the fact that it is a floral. The flowers are stylized, which is why I like it so much. The colours are beautiful and subdued. I had heard of the wonder of working with Liberty fabrics and can finally confirm that it is true (I have two other cuts of Liberty lawns that I bought in Cleveland last summer, but I have not been brave enough to cut into them yet!). This cotton was lovely to work with. It stitched well, pressed beautifully and feels wonderful on the body.

Collar. I am so pleased with my topstitching!

Collar. I am so pleased with my topstitching!

I think that I am finally mastering collars! I was so happy with my results on this one. Collars are so much better when the fabric co-operates!



It was this version of the venerable Vogue 8772 that made me notice the length issue through the body. In the versions with sleeves, it was not as apparent. On the dress form it looks reasonable, but I really find it long on me. The back, in particular, pools at the low back. This is typical when I fit myself, but I thought that I had removed enough length. I revisited the other blouses and saw the same thing, minimized somewhat by the presence of sleeves and/or heavier fabric. When I return to this blouse (and I know I will!), I will have to address the length. In the meantime, I am so infatuated with the fabric that I will live with the pool of Liberty!


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