Vogue 8667 View A

I bought this pattern in my first Vogue pattern sale back in February, but I did not find the fabric until June. The mini-houndstooth linen is from Gorgeous Fabrics and the lining is Elegance cotton/silk from a crazy sale in June at Martha Pullen. I paid 4$/yard! I bought the chocolate for this and another project, but I wish I had bought more!

These are the fabrics I used: a mini-houndstooth linen and a cotton/silk for the lining.

These are the fabrics I used: a mini-houndstooth linen and a cotton/silk for the lining.

The main thing for this dress is the collar; without it, it’s just a boring princess seam dress. I did not mean to make it quite so beige. When I completed the dress, pre-collar attachment, I was pretty disappointed. It was just so BLAH! The mini-houndstooth is very mini indeed and does not read well.

Vogue 8667 View A

Vogue 8667 View A

The collar really makes the dress. Once I basted it on, I was much happier!

This is labelled as an easy pattern, but it is not without its challenges. There are princess seams, which means sewing opposing curves. The zipper, however, posed the greatest problem for me. A regular zip insertion was causing all kinds of puckering on the linen, which usually behaves so well. My topstitching is in development as a skill, and it was just a mess. I took out the regular zipper three times before finally admitting defeat and switching to a concealed zip. I watched the video and carefully aligned the zip. I stitched it on… backwards! Redid it and it worked. Then I had to hand stitch the lining to the zipper tape.

Concealed zip: Now you see it...

Concealed zip: Now you see it…

Now you don't! Actually, you do. I'm working on concealed zip insertion!

Now you don’t! (Actually, you do. I’m still working on concealed zip insertion!)

I am deciding what to do about the collar at centre back. The pattern calls for hooks and eyes, but I do not employ a dresser. ( I kind of wish I did, now that I have performed uncomfortable contortions to zip up some of my dresses!) I may just tack them in place because they become little wings and I am not trying to fly away (well, most of the time, anyway…).


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